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LILL Repository of Professional Development 
Susan Lynn Cohort 3


Instructional Design

Backward Design - #langchat summary

Designing Quality Assessments - #langchat summary

TELL Project - reflective teaching practices

Comprehensible Input and Second Language Acquisition

CI Liftoff YouTube channel

Comprehensible Input: Why, What & How? - webinar

It All Starts With Proficiency - ACTFL

Path to Proficiency - blog hub

Tea with BVP - resources, podcast archive 

TPRS: Why, What & How - webinar

Distance Learning and Technology

Developing Online courses - videos

eLearning - blog

FLTMAG - online magazine

Keeping the Classroom Door Open while the School is Closed - webinar

Language Learning Network - webinars on various topics

Language Learning and Technology - journal

Mi Clase en Casa - blog

Purposeful Planning for Fall 2020 - webinar

Online Tools for all Three Modes of Communication - webinar

Speaking Separately, Speaking Together: Oral Communication Activities in the Remote L2 Clasoom binar

Teaching in the Time of Corona - webinar

Teaching Novels Online - blog

Tech for World Language Teachers - free ebooks, blog

TechWatch - ACTFL publication

The Basics of Teaching Online - blog

World Language Assessment: Adapting to a Virtual Environment - webinar

High Leverage Strategies

Effective Web Tools - #langchat summary

High Impact Instructional Strategies - model lessons

High Leverage Teaching Practices - podcast series

Language Learning Network - webinars on various topics

Near Peer Role Modeling - video playlist

Proficiency and Teaching in the Modes - webinar

Literacy and Authentic Resources

Using novels in class - blog

Curating Resources for an Online #Authres Lesson - webinar

Diagnosing Strengths and Weaknesses of Foreign/Second Language Readers - webinar

Foreign Language and the Literary in the Everyday - lessons

Generating Meaningful Cultural and Language Lessons using Youtube 

Incorporating the Literary and the Everyday in the Foreign Language Classroom - webinar

Moving to Multiliteracies: Tools to Support Teacher Understanding - webinar

Teaching Novels Online - blog

#authres - search this tag on Twitter

New Teachers

Mentoring New Language Teachers - #langchat summary

THRIVE - video series

OER - Open Education Resources

Activities for Remote Language Teaching - webinar

COERLL - playlist

OER Commons

Open Culture - free language lessons, info on teaching online

The world is not flat so why are our textbooks? - webinar on creating digital resources


Spanish resources

List of Language Associations


AELRC - Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center

CALPER - Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research

CASLS - Center for Applied Second Language Studies

Intercom newsletter

CARLA - Center for Advanced Research for Language Acquisition

CDE - Colorado Dept of Education

CELCAR - Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region

CLIC - Center for Language Instruction and Coordination

CLTA - California Language Teachers’ Association

CERCLL - Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy

COERLL - Center for Open Education Resources in Language Learning 

CULTR - Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research

GADOE - Georgia Dept of Education

LRC - National Foreign Language Resource Center - overview brochure

MAFLA - Massachusetts Foreign Language Association

NALRC - National African Languages Resource Center

NFLRC - National Foreign Language Resource Center - Hawaii

NHLRC - National Heritage Language Resource Center

Secondary Spanish Space

SEELRC - Slavic and Eurasian Language Resource Center


YouTube Channels with World Language PD




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