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Truman State University Presents

Satiric and Political Graphics in the Modern Times Exhibit

January 19-March 4, 2018 : Pickler Memorial Library, First Floor Gallery

A traveling exhibit curated by Dickenson College

This exhibit provides a brief overview of graphic art throughout history and its use satire and visual power to expose the fundamental contradictions that define modern society. A select number of prominent artists represent the diverse styles of graphic art across different political and historical eras. It is, thus, possible to follow the evolution of this visual genre from its beginnings in the eighteenth century, first linked to the field of pictorial art and the rise of the written press, to the prolific twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, in which its practice has become so widely extended that now, more than ever, lucidity and reflection is necessary if we truly wish to survive as a species. Graphic artists from many Spanish speaking countries are included, along with artists from other nationalities.

February 7, 5:00pm, Baldwin Hall 114

Dr. José Carreño hosts a presentation, reading and book signing of Sangro tinta, the recently published first volume of Spanish poetry by students Alexandria Hult (Spanish major) and Lydia Pearson (Romance Language major, 2017). In his prologue, Dr. Carreño remembers his first meeting with Allie and Lydia in Introduction to Spanish Literature in the spring of 2016. As he recalls, “ambas se destacaron por su inteligencia y por su pasión genuina por la poesía. Sus voces críticas hechizaron de golpe mis oídos como unos labios expertos a un adolescente. Allie y Lydia emergieron ipso facto como dos continentes poéticos en medio de un archipiélago de inteligencias sublimes recién nacidos.”

February 13, 5:00pm, Baldwin Hall 102 (Little Theater)

Classical and Modern Languages welcomes Dr. Jurgen Kuttner, a German radio personality, theater director and author who also has a PhD in cultural studies. Dr. Kuttner is a cult figure in the Berlin theater scene for his “video snippets”. He will present an English version of show, of which he will present an English version in his video snippets speech performance “I Wanna Be American: A German Crisis of Identity”. (See attached image.)

February 20, 5:00 pm, Baldwin Hall 114

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages and the Department of English and Linguistics welcomes Dr. Joe Barcroft, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Acquisition at Washington University, who will present on the topic of “Effective Vocabulary Instruction in CLT, TBI, and CBI. From Dr. Barcroft’s CV:

He teaches courses on language teaching methodology, second language acquisition, grammar and vocabulary acquisition, and Hispanic linguistics. Professor Barcroft’s research interests include second language vocabulary acquisition; input processing; processing resource allocation during lexical acquisition; the role of acoustic variability in language learning and speech processing; the bilingual mental lexicon; and psycholinguistic approaches to other issues in second language acquisition and bilingualism. His articles appear in journals such as Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Language Learning, Applied Psycholinguistics, Second Language Research, and The Modern Language Journal. His input-based incremental approach to second language vocabulary instruction, which is grounded in research findings on lexical input processing, is described in articles in Foreign Language Annals and Hispania

March 7, 5:00pm, BH 114

Classical and Modern Languages welcomes Dr. Joseph Farrell, Emeritus Professor at the University of Strathclyde. Dr. Farrell’s books include a cultural history of Sicily, as well as biographies of Dario Fo and Leonardo Sciascia. A highly regarded translator of Italian, he will present on “The Art and Craft of Literary Translation”.

Fort Zumwalt News

Eric Richards, German teacher, shared exciting news that is happening with their German classes and programs in the St. Louis area. (Fort Zumwalt North and Fort Zumwalt East German programs.)

Cathleen Weigelt-Ferguson (Zumwalt East German teacher) and Eric (Fort Zumwalt North German teacher) collaborated and published a second book in German - "neue Konversationen, neue Komplikationen". It is the second book in the "neue" series. (neue Schule, neue Freund was the first.) It is currently on Amazon:

The book is for continuing German learners and can be easily implemented with a variety of teaching styles: traditional, communicative, thematic, TPRS/CI and others. It also lends itself to cultural discussions in the classroom.


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