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Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Policy UPDATE

July 1, 2018

Re: Revisions to the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Policy (July 2018)

The AAPPL score for the standard Seal will be adjusted to reflect expectations of Missouri universities recognizing the Seal. Students taking the AAPPL must earn a score if Intermediate 3 (I3) in each domain to qualify for the standard Seal. Although there is considerable debate regarding a minimum score per domain, rather than an average, the expectation of DESE and participating universities is that the student earns a score by domain.

The Grade Point Average requirement will no longer be a criterion. Due to inconsistent grading policies and philosophies, the GPA cannot be considered a standardized measure and will no longer be necessary. Districts may opt to continue using the GPA as a local criterion.

Students seeking the Seal in a language for which there is no available assessment will need to compile a portfolio containing evidence of academic language use and comprehension in all applicable language domains: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The district must assess the portfolio using an rubric correlating with ACTFL Intermediate-Mid descriptors for the standard Seal and the ACTFL Advanced-Low descriptors for the Distinguished Seal. It is recommended that the student be interviewed by a native speaker of the language and utilize questioning that will produce academic language. For the literacy component, it is recommended that students read an article in the target language and write a report summarizing the content. If the district needs assistance locating a native speaker of the language to assess the portfolio, please contact me directly.

Finally, after a successful pilot year, it has been determined that a yearly renewal application is not necessary.


Kind Regards,

Ryan Rumpf

Director of ELD and World Languages Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education


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