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2018 FLAM Excellence in Foreign Language Studies Award Recipient: Madison Rock


This prestigious award is given to a Junior or Senior high school student of foreign language who exhibits superior performance in the foreign language classroom. The nominated students must demonstrate superior ability dependent upon their level of study in reading and listening comprehension, interpersonal and presentational speaking/writing and cultural awareness; demonstrate excellence in classroom cooperation and good citizenship; exemplify trustworthiness and responsibility; and display leadership and trustworthiness in the classroom.


Madison Rock is a student at Nixa Junior High, in Nixa, MO. She has studied Spanish for the one year available at her school and excelled in it academically, but also has made her own opportunities to study and practice it. She serves as a model to her classmates through her enthusiasm for the language, and her willingness to take the risk of being the first to speak up.

She understands the effort involved in learning a language and has a great work ethic as well, being a positive force with her friends and fellow learners in every Spanish class.

“One of Madison’s defining qualities is her eagerness to learn the Spanish language and

how seriously she takes this responsibility. Her performance throughout the class has

been very strong… Madison demonstrates excellence in both her classroom behavior and academic performance and greatly deserves this


  • Amanda Grisham, Teacher, Spanish Language and Cultures, Nixa Junior High School


Madison also strongly displays the skills of leadership and taking initiative for her own

language-learning. Her completion of optional curricular opportunities—for example, Duolingo as an additional student resource—extends far beyond that of the majority of her peers, and she takes the risk of being the first to speak in Spanish with both my cooperating teacher and me during informal interactions despite the naturally limited vocabulary that currently comes with her novice level. Madison also visits the Spanish classroom every morning before the start of school, not only to speak with my cooperating teacher and me but also to voluntarily test her skills by reading over the upcoming material.

  • Matthew Baldwin, Spanish Language and Cultures, Neosho High School (teacher education candidate at Nixa)


Traveling, careers, and university opportunities are just a few of the reasons why knowing a

second language is beneficial. But the most important reason is the ability to communicate with diverse people and to have life-long friendships that would not have existed before. By eliminating this language barrier, I can communicate with a significantly higher amount of people throughout my life.

  • Madison Rock, Recipient of the 2018 FLAM Excellence in Foreign Language Studies Award, Junior High School


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