Statement of Solidarity


In light of further abhorrent acts of racially motivated violence, the Foreign Language Association of Missouri must lift up Asian-American and Pacific Islanders and others of Asian origin who have chosen this country and say—ENOUGH. The values of this country cannot stand for the emotions and prejudices that have apparently inspired this violence. This country, and all those in it, but especially those in positions of power, have a responsibility to demonstrate a commitment to uphold and defend liberty, equality, and justice in every way, for everyone in it, and worldwide. 


We must do our best to provide anti-racist environments that value and respect all cultural differences in our communities. We must act in solidarity with the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and continue our support of all members of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities to foster communication and initiatives that create unity and equality so that actions inspired by hate and bigotry are no more. 


We know that the young people whom we serve in our classrooms count on this from us, as their teachers: every single student.  We must inspire attitudes and perspectives to ensure the prosperous future of this nation and the fulfillment of its values promised to all in its Constitution. For every single student.


FLAM is compelled to continue its call for justice and equality that our colleagues, family, and friends from these communities are so rightly making in the light of so many examples of death, violence, and discrimination that they have suffered. 


We are here to support our colleagues and students who find themselves victims of stereotyping, profiling, physical threats, and violence based on their physical appearance and apparent ethnic origin.

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2021 FLAM Conference

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