The Foreign Language Association of Missouri wants to express its solidarity with
the call for justice and equality that our Black colleagues, family, and friends have
so rightly made in the light of so many examples of death, violence, and
discrimination that they have suffered. This country, and all those in it, but
especially those in positions of power, have a responsibility to demonstrate a
commitment to uphold and defend liberty, equality, and justice in every way. We
must do our best to provide anti-racist environments that value and respect all
cultural differences in our communities. We know that the young people whom
we serve in our classrooms count on this from us, as their teachers. We must
continue in that endeavor for the future of this nation.

Welcome to the Foreign Language Association of Missouri's homepage.  Missouri's statewide professional association and advocacy group that represents all language instructors.

All Missouri World Language teachers are members of FLAM, without membership fees. 


This year's conference will be completely online and members will be able to view the presenter's videos for 12 months with their registration fee ($50). 

Contact our conference chair, Rachel Gassner, at for more information or if you have any questions.

Congratulations, Mr. Eric Richards!



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